1what kind of products is Borowski making?

Borowski is a German brand glass art come from Europe, precisely define glass art by using creative method,  “art” as the main part, “glass” as the carrier kind of  visualisation glass art. generally, glass art has a unique nature, purely handmade nature, made by the artist.

2Borowski Brand Origin?

German brand, Borowski brand began in Germany, headquartered in Germany, in 2006 Borowski founder stanislaw Borowski started missing his mother country, decided to move the studio back to Poland,currently the studio locate in a border between Poland and Germans.

3. The artwork placed outdoors really feasible?

Borowski glass studio using European best quality Scandinavian crystal glass as a raw material to produce art works, one of the key procedures Borowski use a unique glass fusing techniques, namely adding different pigments into melted transparent crystal glass liquid, the pigment color is absord into the glass, through this unqiue praticing art works color will not fade, hence Borowski product can be placed outdoors for a long time without color fading. rain, snow, bright sunshine or cold weather can be Borowski objects canbe placed outdoors.

4. Why art objects are so heavy?

The thicker the glass, the higher level of persistence, in order to create each level different color effect, Borowski use a great amount of raw materials, this is the reason why it becomes so thick and heavy. Therefore, the art works itself anti-seismic & anti-compression performance compared to others are much better,  outstanding glass art features of Borowski.

5. Artwork cleaning and maintenance methods?

Use a dry cloth, if the glass does not look very bright color, spray with cooking oil or silicone can make bright color.

6. Products have a warranty do?

Product warranty is based on the principle of different area distribution criteria. Examples such as the outdoor objects lawn lighting, for easy operation,Borowski use the standard lighting accessories, provide convenience after-sales service for distributors, the most frequently encountered problems when the bulb is broken, under normal circumstances, customers can replace it on each own, but if after changing bulbs still have problems,  supplier should provide services to help solve the problem.

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