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Birds Family

Bring Home a Family of Birds

Our birds family collection features a variety of sculptures based on different species of the birds that soar through the skies. Available in different colors and shapes, find the perfect sculpture to bring home or decorate your home with the whole collection.

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Inspired by Cygnet

CYGNET in Three Ways

Please see three different ways of display for CYGNET. All depend on your creativity, your home environment or additional decoration to put in.

CYGNET with LED platform

You can find different LED platforms in our offer. If you like displaying in this way please chat with us we can find the best fitting LED platform for you. 

Read more | LED platforms 

CYGNET next to window

The common way our customers display product is to put them close to window where is easy access to light. Please do not forget glass product without light often has no big impression. Light play a main role with art glass products.


A Fun-Loving Outdoor Bird

Gonzo is a colorful bird from faraway exotic lands. After thousands of miles in flight, his wings are tired and he’s ready to rest up in your beautiful yard or garden. Let him keep you company on warm spring days or on crisp winter mornings. 

Strut Your Stuff

Your yard is now home to one of the most exotic and beautiful animals in the entire animal kingdom. This peacock has colorful orbs that will capture the rising sun and the full moon at night for a colorful light show like no other. 

Athena's Ancient Pet

In Greek mythology, Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, kept an owl as a pet because of its power of foretell. Therefore, owls are the symbol of Athena and wisdom. This Mini Owl vase fully presents the uniqueness of owl from the aspects of expression and color match, suitable to be a heirloom treasure.

Flying High in the Skies

This bird is one of the most elegant in the animal kingdom. He soars high above the clouds in search of the next destination. Maybe you can let him stop by for the night? This bird is available in a variety of colors to collect.  

How is your curiosity?

Most of Customers have similar reaction

We do see very often many of our Customers in the first contact with Borowski's objects they have curiosity on their face. Many of them they say "I never seen before so cute guys! What is it exactly ? How this is made ?" and story started...

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