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From Our Studio to Your Home

A lot of time, effort, and craftsmanship goes into every piece we create. What starts as a pile of raw sand transforms into a stunning piece of glass art with the care, precision, and craftsmanship of every artist in the Borowski studio. We invite you to take a look into our award-winning studio to see how each piece comes to life.

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The Borowski Origin Story

From a bag of sand pulled from the earth to a finished piece of handcrafted art, glassmaking runs deep in the Borowski family. Going back decades and across multiple generations, each member of the Borowski family dedicates themselves to honing their craft and perfecting the art of glassmaking with every piece they create.

The Art of Glassmaking in the Words of Stanislaw Borowski

The master artist of the studio, Stanislaw Borowski details his experience as an artist over the last few decades. Pioneering the studio-glass movement in Europe in the late 1970’s, Stanislaw has continued to push the craft even further, reaching audiences and collectors beyond Europe and bringing his work to the United States and Asia.

Artist Profile: Stani Borowski

Stani is one of the lead designers at Borowski, but also has an exceptional talent for working with glass himself. He describes it as working with a living material, and that the art of making fantastic sculptures is almost like entering a lion's cage. He must stay diligent in his work with a close attention to detail that shines through in his work.

The Production Process from Beginning to End

Crafting a complex piece like this Animalia Bull Vase is complicated, with multiple layers fused together precisely. Only the best artists in the world can achieve this level of quality, and thankfully they work under the Borowski name. Take a look inside the studio and see how our master artists create these complicated works of art with intuition, skill, sweat, and undying loyalty to the craft.