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The Cuddly Side of This Clever Animal

The monkey is known as the cleverest animal in Chinese culture and exhibits cheerful playfulness in everything it does. People born in the Year of the Monkey are known for their intelligence and quick whited ability to make light of any situation. Celebrate your natural cheerfulness with our family of monkey sculptures. 


The One

Monkey Family

Creation process

Clever Moonky

The artist begins with a small glob of glass. This will be the face, and he heats it up to start shaping it.

With each layer, the artist builds the face. Molten glass is fused onto the base to form the features of the face.

Finding the right spot and proportion for the eyes is crucial. They add to the silly appearance of the monkey and give it character.

Another essential element is the ears. The artist molds them in free-form onto the side of the face.

To meld the elements together and strengthen the piece, the artist places the head into the fire.

The face is now complete! The next stop is a 30-hour stay in the oven to strengthen the piece for a lifetime of play.


All available colours

The Body part

Work begins on the body. The artist starts by rolling and molding the glass into shape. Heat is a crucial component of this process.

With the help of gravity, the body starts to stretch. The artist dips it into other pigments for greater color variety.

The arms of the monkey are molded from the body. By rolling the body into a point, the artist can stretch the arms.

The artist begins pulling and shaping the arms. With precise tools, he can make the glass bend any way he wants.

Fire softens the glass and makes it extremely pliable. The artist delicately twists the ends of the arms to form cute paws.

The monkey is finished! He’s now ready to be packed up and shipped off to his new home!


Limited Edition

49 pcs only

The Animalia Collection

The Animalia collection includes 5 wild vases created, numbered and signed by Stani Jan Borowski. Each of these exquisite pieces is composed of multilayered clear and coloured glass, using highly sophisticated techniques of both hot and cold glass processing. 

The body of the vase is mouth blown and modeled while in a hot state. In the next phase, several fine applications are attached to the glowing item as it obtains its final form. The vase must then cool for hours before it can undergo several rounds of polishing, then frosting. Finally, to complete the object, it is decorated with 24 carat gold.