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As one of the world’s most prominent glass art brands since its inception in 2010, Borowski is ready to expand its sales network into the Asian market. Under the guidance of the team founders Chris & Vivien, the Asia Team has successfully held a number of significant glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with increased brand awareness among glass art enthusiasts.

Chris & Vivien’s primary goal is to develop and manage the Borowski brand's sales in the Asian market. They both share a love of handmade glass and know the importance of spreading the charm of handmade glass art throughout the continent. To enter the Asia market in a few years, the team is hard at work crafting strategies to efficiently spread the Borowski’s brand message as well as promote glass art exhibitions in multiple countries. They established Borowski physical stores in Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing and Taiwan.

Currently, the Borowski Asia Team is growing, following the lead from Chris & Vivien and they believe firmly that with passion and love for the art, the team will continue to expand in the very near future. We are very excited for what the future holds in the Asian market and can’t wait for Borowski glass art to be displayed in thousands of households around the continent.


Vivien | 袁伟清

General Manager, Co-Founder

Guangzhou Borowski Art Glass Co., Ltd.
China Area

Chris Krzysztof Przybylo

CEO, Co-Founder

Borowski Asia Pacific Ltd. Hong Kong
APAC Division


Customer Support

Sissi | 潘欣欣

Operation Manager

Help Center
Customer Support

OJ | 梁丁勇

Supervisor, Retail Shops Manager

Retail Division
Customer Support

Sally | 叶帆

Visual Merchandiser, Advisor

Retail Division
Customer Support

Amie | 郑秒丹

Customer Service Manager

Retail Division
Customer Support

Yolanda | 杨洁

Customer Service Manager

Retail Division
Customer Support

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