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Gift Pack

The Perfect Premium Gift Pack

Give your loved ones a gift they won’t soon forget! Make their next birthday one to remember forever with one of our expert-picked Gift Packs! They’ll receive a remarkable glass art piece along with a premium gift box and a hand-signed Borowski-exclusive artist certificate.

Classic Touch

The smooth touch of Borowski’s glass art conveys warmth, brightness, harmony, beauty and much more.  Every detail is exquisite and perfect.  And when you receive it in a custom box lined with soft black cotton, you’ll feel and see the nobility of Borowski.

Premium Packaging

Our craftsmanship doesn’t stop with our works of glass art.  Even the box that holds your treasure is designed with a touch of luxury.  Crafted from high-quality wood pulp, the shape is simple, and the colors are elegant.  Inside is delicate and light paper to cover your piece.

Original Craftsmanship

Just like each of us, every piece of Borowski’s art is unique and beautiful in it’s own way.  Crafted with fired glass, each piece is a unique blend of bright colors and conveys an enthusiasm for life.  Each work of art is exclusive and has its own birth certificate.

Unique Experience

Each work of art comes with its individualized certificate that is placed in a luxurious golden envelope.  Even the process of opening your Borowski art is a memorable experience you’ll never forget and cherish forever.  The story of your piece begins with us and continues with you.

Carrying Bag

Because each Borowski piece is a unique piece of art, we not only package it in the finest box, but also provide a beautiful handbag that fits the size of your piece perfectly.  Our bags are waterproof, flexible, durable and let you take your work of art wherever you go.

Customer Satisfaction

Everything we do at Borowski is about honoring the craftsmanship of our artisans and delivering an experience to our customers that they will never forget.  From the art all the way down to the finest details in our packaging, we’re here to make you smile.


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