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Oinky Pig

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Porky Pig

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Pig Lamp

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A Joyful Pigs

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Pig in garden

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Bringing Wealth and Good Fortune

The pig is one of the most highly-respected animals of all Chinese zodiacs. It’s been known for bringing wealth and fortune to people for centuries. Those born in the Year of the Pig are known for their pleasant demeanor and will get along with everyone they meet.

Pick me !!!

Pig Family

In Ambience

A Joyful Pig

Praised for bringing good luck to all those around it, pigs are one of the best companions to have. Porky is available in three different colors depending on your taste. Let him come stay with you and bring good luck to your home.

Happy New Year in "Year of the Pig" 2019

Happy in the great outdoors, try displaying this barnyard friend in your garden. He’ll watch your plants and keep the pests away.

This pig glows when he’s happy and will be the light of your life. Experience the colorful shades of glass when you light him.

A Colorful Snouted Friend

Are you looking to add some eccentric, barnyard-friendly fun to your life? This piece is expertly crafted to provide a convenient and beautiful way to store your favorite flowers and plants. This gentle pig is well-behaved, although he might “oink” from time to time. 

Creation process

Searching for Idea

Finding the perfect shape takes time. Everything must be in balance and harmony, which is why we start with a sketch.

We ask ourselves questions throughout the design process. We want to make sure every part of the animal is in proportion.

We create sketches for each variation of the pig collection. This sketch is perfect for the pig vase.

We also sketched a shorter version. This is the perfect sketch that the artists can use to begin building and shaping the piece.

Oinky Creation

The creation process starts with a small blob of hot glass. We heat the glass with a torch and begin to shape it.

After the body is made, we melt material onto the glass. Every element of the face is fused onto the glass for incredible detail.

No pig is complete without a cute nose! The artist fuses more glass onto the face layer by layer for a seamless look.

Once all elements are in place, the piece is ready for the furnace. In the fire, the glass is strengthened with spectacular colors.

We got you!

Oinky ready for You!

An Adorable Farm Animal

Bring the cutest animal on the farm home with you. Known for its intelligence and playful attitude, this Oinky is decorated with colorful spots that look even better on sunny days. The best part? You won’t have to worry about him tracking in any mud.