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The Symbol of Independent Ambition

Galloping upon the ancient plains, the horse is the ultimate symbol of unbridled ambition and energy. Those born in the Year of the Horse are known for their ambitious spirit that can’t be held back. Follow your own path and celebrate with this adorable horse sculpture.

Whinny !!!

Set Your Spirits Free!

If you never had a pony when you were younger, here’s your chance! Our Lucky pony is perfect for every youngster, no matter how old. Lucky is available in a variety of colors. Corral them all and set your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) free. Time to get Lucky, yee haw!

In Ambience

A Horse Soaring Towards Greatness

The newest addition to our Zodiac family of glass art pieces. This flying horse has his eyes set on higher goals. Unlike the static horse, Fury Rocks is always in motion. Create some motion in your home and symbolize your journey for success with this piece. 

In Ambience


This purple and magenta version is extremely limited. We made it to honor the spirit of independence that horse zodiac brings.

The grey and crema variation looks stunning in natural environments. Pair this piece with rustic wood furniture or near your plants.

Want to really bring Lucky to life? Pair the piece with an illuminated platform and let your luck shine brightly!

The emerald variation is full of vitality. When glowing in a dark room, you’ll feel luck shining in every corner of your home.

Creation process

Lucky Horse

This intricate piece starts with simple ingredients. The artist begins with a small ball of glass and rolls it in colored shards.

Using a torch, the artist begins work on the head. The fire is used to shape and mold the iconic face of the horse.

More details are added to the face. Here, the artist uses tweezers to pull and shape the nose of Lucky.

No horse is complete without its mane. The artist adds new material to form the mane and cuts and stretches it into shape.

Next, the ears are made. We take pride in making every piece as realistic as we can with each part in place.

The head is now complete. The artist will soon begin work on other parts before final assembly.

All available colours


Limited Edition

49 pcs only

The Animalia Collection

The Animalia collection includes 5 wild vases created, numbered and signed by Stani Jan Borowski. Each of these exquisite pieces is composed of multilayered clear and coloured glass, using highly sophisticated techniques of both hot and cold glass processing. 

The body of the vase is mouth blown and modeled while in a hot state. In the next phase, several fine applications are attached to the glowing item as it obtains its final form. The vase must then cool for hours before it can undergo several rounds of polishing, then frosting. Finally, to complete the object, it is decorated with 24 carat gold.