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The Unhinged Brilliance of Stani Jan Borowski's 2023 Extravaganza!

Hold onto your hats, and prepare for a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of innovation as Stani Jan Borowski's breathtaking glass marvels lit up the 2023 stage! This cheeky visual delight took us on an unforgettable journey through the magical mindscape of a true artistic genius. Witness the rollercoaster of ingenuity, laughter, and heart-stopping moments as each stunning piece danced to life in a mesmerizing symphony of fire and soul. Buckle up, and join in on an out-of-this-world adventure through the looking glass, where laughter, love, and the irresistible allure of Stani's universe collide!


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Illuminate Your Garden with Dazzling Fireflies

Watch your garden come alive with the FAST FIREFLIES! From flower beds to hefty pots, these buzzing beauties will inject life and light with their dazzling colors, Patterns and sunny glow. Put Olympic sprinters to shame and bring some sparkle – get your FAST FIREFLIES today!

A Luminous Swan With A Special Character

Make a statement with our majestic swan! The brave feathered knight of your garden is made of powder-coated steel and a big piece of glass. This loyal symbol of lifelong fidelity will leave your neighbors in awe. Get this classic romantic swan today and enjoy the swanish things to come!

The Big Turtle Garden Lighting!

Adopt a one-of-a-kind, giant glowing turtle and make a statement! Its magical armor of powder-coated steel protects against rust & scratches while its shimmering shell, available in blue, yellow and lemon combos captivate everyone around. Enjoy this luminescent kaleidoscopic ninja defending your garden with unique charm today!

Olympic gymnast!

Make a magical statement with the glass frog! Crafted for drama, charm and captivation, this 34cm tall wonder radiates beauty in a range of whimsical colors. It's tealight belly illuminates its features while you watch in awe as it shifts between color combinations. Don't miss out on the perfect addition to your life - grab a fabulous glass frog today!

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New 2022


Join STANI's latest video escapade featuring Buzz and Mario on Stick, as they lead you on an exhilarating tour through the mystical realms of the Borowski house.

Hold onto your sideburns and experience a whirlwind adventure with a multitude of intriguing guests… and hey, remember - the grand finale is so epic, you'll want to stick around until the end!

New 2021

Stani Borowski's Wacky & Wonderful 2021 Rewind!

Witness the riot of creativity unleashed by Stani Jan Borowski as his awe-inspiring glass masterpieces took center stage in 2021! A lovingly crafted work of whimsy, this video unfurls the magic lying behind his ingenious process. See the birth, the sweat, the sparkle, and the unadulterated delight as each glass creation springs to life in a bewitching story of passion and pure artistry. Join us in this enchanting romp through the looking glass and experience the exhilarating fusion of humor, heart, and the undeniable charm of Stani's world!

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