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Inspired for a New Modern Lifestyle

How do you give your home an artistic spark? Where do you find top-quality artists pieces? In this category, you’ll find inspiration for every area of your home and how to add beautiful yet practical functional art pieces that will enhance your artistic taste.


For Your Home

Created with Practicality In Mind

Borowski glass art pieces provide more than ornamental value; they provide practical uses as culinary displays or as containers for your everyday items. Each piece is crafted with lead-free crystal and food-safe materials. Delight your party guests or beautifully store your keys, business cards, or anything.

A Glamorous Bird

Although you may know the famous Tweety Bird, this one is more elegant. You don’t need to worry about your cat catching this bird because he is swift and on the move. He enjoys being fed treats and will be the delight of your guests. 

From the Deepest Oceans

Many have spent years trying to chase down this mighty whale. Although he can be rambunctious, Mobby is at peace. This glass piece is perfect for decorations or celebrations alike. Fill with treats, or simply gaze into his serene eyes as his ocean blue color captures the light.

The Snowbird Comes Flies North

Far from his home in Antarctica, Pingu is ready to soak up the warm weather. He's the perfect addition to your collection of exotic bird pieces and will stand out from the rest. Don't let his size fool you; he has a huge personality. 


Functional Art

The Borowski lighting series of art pieces are lively and exciting, glowing with warmth and light. We offer a wide variety of table lamps, balcony lights, and garden lights, each handcrafted for premium aesthetics with functionality to light up your room and your life.

An Exotic Friend in Lucky Draw

Say hello to the new life of the party! This exotic bird has flown from thousands of miles away to add some eccentric fun to your next party. He sits patiently, waiting for treats to be placed in his mouth. Care to help him out?

The Younger, More Charming Brother

Like his big brother, our Chameleon Small Bowl is a charmer, a real dish. He could quite possibly bowl you over with his good looks. In spite of his handsome appearance, he’s never full of himself. He’ll leave that to you.

Standing Tall Against the Morning Sun

This large chickadee bird loves flowers and other colorful plants that complement its natural amber and yellow shades. His blue beak perfectly and proportionally matches the rest of his body. Collect this vase and its companion pieces for an entire collection of stunning birds!

Full of Grace Elegance

This beautiful swan is used to peacefully floating along a serene creek. Known for its elegance, the swan captures the pure serenity and timeless feeling of youthfullness with its clean white crystal coat and gentle gracefulness. Capture pure peace with this beautiful piece. 

A Peaceful Lamb Resting

This quiet and peaceful lamb is taking a moment to pause and rest. Lambs and other sheep are best known for their peaceful elegance and their serene demeanor. Use this lamb as a bowl at your next party or simply enjoy his company. 

Lights of Your


Lamps for the Lights of Your Heart

Our selection of premium glass lamps is great for your kids too! Each piece releases a warm glow that draws their attention in, keeping them company in even the darkest nights. Give the gift that they will cherish forever as a memento of their childhood.

Light Up Your Life with This Fluffy Bird

Some may call him fat— we think that his feathers are just a little fluffy. The built-in lamp lets you truly experience the wonderful stripes and colors of this bird's coat. He doesn't squawk much, and he surely won't fly away, perfectly happy wherever he rests.

The Queen Bee

This queen bee really knows how to rock stripes and polka dots. In spite of her stunning wings, this buzzy lady is positively unflappable. Her steady gaze means she’s ready to get down to buzziness should the need arise. Our Biene Table Lamp is the quintessence of cool.

Robo Lamp

Is he an alien, a robot, or just a super friendly table lamp? You’re never without a companion when our Robo is around. He may be a little short in stature, but his giant personality and comforting glow will never fail to brighten your room and warm your heart.

* Robo Lamp currently not available, we upgrading new model, put yourself on pre-order VIP list

From Garden... Your Home

The Noble Frog King

What distinguishes the Frog King from the Frog Prince is that Frog King is a grow-up with a perfect round body shape instead of oval. His leg stands firmly on ground rather than sparkly jumping up. Frog King’s tongue is in a blooming lotus look. However, its gorgeous color and noble glamour remain appealing.

A Fun-Loving Outdoor Bird

Gonzo is a colorful bird from faraway exotic lands. After thousands of miles in flight, his wings are tired and he’s ready to rest up in your beautiful yard or garden. Let him keep you company on warm spring days or on crisp winter mornings. 

Already Full, No Need to Feed

This chubby cute glass penguin just had a big meal. He is waddling back and forth and is ready to call your house his new home. Available in two variations, take your pick of either the black and white or Emperor penguin varient.

Blowing in the Breeze

This tubby bunny is caught in motion with its ears blowing in the wind. He hops from place to place looking for the next snack. He’s full of life and is glowing with emotions. Let him hop into your life and enjoy the luck he brings. 

Home full of Life

Your Home Bustling with Life

Open your home to a variety of cute, friendly animals. Scatter them throughout the house and let these stunning glass art pieces become your new friends. Some are full of wisdom, some full of adorable humor, no matter their personality, each animal is full of character.

A Horse Soaring Towards Greatness

This flying horse has his eyes set on higher goals. Unlike the static horse, Fury Rocks is always in motion. Create some motion in your home and symbolize your journey for success with this piece.

A Small and Exquisite Fish

Although this fish is smaller than its cousins, Oranda is beautifully handcrafted to exude vitality. The fish also has many colors depending on the season and mood. Place this cute and adorable fish anywhere, and let the colors shine brightly amongst the waves of positive energy in your home.

For Your Unruly Paperwork

He might be a bit smaller than his cousin Billy, but this little Bull really knows how to throw his weight around! Give him a place at your desk and watch him go to work. He definitely knows how to tame that unruly paperwork and hold down his end of the bargain!

A Joyful Pig

Praised for bringing good luck to all those around it, pigs are one of the best companions to have. Porky is available in three different colors depending on your taste. Let him come stay with you and bring good luck to your home. 

Small in Size but Huge in Character

Zygi is a very perceptive creature. He moves very quietly, representing vitality in ancient culture. He is also an inquisitive and observant animal, with ears that can hear for miles. Wherever you choose to rest this animal, he'll bring vitality and youth for years to come.

The Real Art

One-of-a-Kind World-Class Glass Art

This collection is filled with unique collectible art for connoisseurs around the world. Each piece hand-crafted with unique designs you can't find anywhere else that will hold their value for generations. Own a piece of history from the Borowski family of artists.

Mastered with details

A Mysterious Idol

This large enigmatic face holds many stories and secrets; you just need to know what to look for. Fantastic shades of blue, pink, red, and green decorate this head, and each piece is unique to the rest in the collection. 

Eternal Love of Royalty

Once upon a time, in a kingdom of glass, a man gave his heart to a woman. In this vibrant and quirky piece, master artist Borowski expresses his love affair with glass, pouring passion and profound skills into the elements to bring forth a stunning work of art.

Across the Open Sea

The ultimate symbol of freedom, this colorfully decorated sailboat is great for the ocean lover in your life. Although this boat is small in size, it will have a huge impact on your life. 

A Royal Guard Locked in Abstract Silence

This artfully crafted guard will protect your home with its abstract noble mystique. Delicately handcrafted with an assortment of magnificent shapes and colors, this guard can protect anything worth keeping safe. Place him next to a window so he can keep a watchful eye out. 


for Garden

In Your Lovely Garden

Let the adorable Borowski animals explore the fresh air surrounding your home. This collection is perfect for your balcony, garden, or outdoor space. These lively creatures live in the warm rays of sunlight and the crisp morning air. Each piece is specially designed for outdoor use year-round. 


Tawny After a Big Meal

After a successful night of hunting, this owl is now a little plus sized. That's okay because he's even more adorable with a full belly. You can tell that he had a good meal because of the way his belly is glowing with light. 

Hopping from One Branch to Another

You might have friendly grasshoppers around your yard, but this piece is one that you can keep forever in your home without needing to feed it. The glassy emerald legs of this grasshopper look stunning when capturing natural light and this friendly insect hops around.

Blowing in the Breeze

This tubby bunny is caught in motion with its ears blowing in the wind. He hops from place to place looking for the next snack. He’s full of life and is glowing with emotions. Let him hop into your life and enjoy the luck he brings. 

Awaken with His Glow

Roosters are known for their loud crows at the first sign of sunlight. This one is different because he perfectly captures the rising sun and emanates it from his body. This glowing piece will get you ready for the morning without much of the noise. 

Among Flowers

Ornamental Pieces for Your Plants

Decorate your lively flowers, plants, and ornamental tree with specially-crafted Borowski art pieces! Each piece will add a spark of vitality to your green and luscious ornamental plants. When in direct sunlight, these glass pieces will exhibit a warm and inviting glow full of color and character.

A Light Gobbler

It may not be Thanksgiving, but you can celebrate this magnificent large bird and give thanks year-round! This bird is full of light and life to help shine the way. Give thanks to those that matter most to you with this colorful bird.

Fresh from the Farm

This little piggy is tired of the farm life and is ready to call your house his new home. He is literally glowing with an internal light of character and joy. Don't worry about the mud; he'll be sure to wipe off his hooves first.

A Chameleon That Won’t Hide

With huge eyes to stare into, this colorful fellow stands tall with a bright exterior that pops against any backdrop. Known for its camouflaging talents out in the wild, this chameleon is easy to spot so you won't have to worry about losing him. 


Poolside Friends

Our specially designed poolside pieces are ready to soak up some rays and can take a splash. These cute animals are perfect for decorating your pond or pool and will add a splash of life to your next water party.

Listen to this Frog's Music

The happy concerto of frogs is all round a summer pond to light up your mood.
This Froggy light object stays quietly at outdoor, waiting for your arrival and a long-cherished encounter. Its gorgeous color, concise line and glowing tongue express the joyfulness of the coming meeting.

From Our Tree

This crisp leaf gently floating along the breeze carrying colorful frogs from exotic lands. This gorgeous piece captures the natural beauty and delicacy of an autumn leaf. Celebrate fall year-round with this outdoor piece for your yard or garden. 

The Noble Frog King

What distinguishes the Frog King from the Frog Prince is that Frog King is a grow-up with a perfect round body shape instead of oval. His leg stands firmly on ground rather than sparkly jumping up. Frog King’s tongue is in a blooming lotus look. However, its gorgeous color and noble glamour remain appealing.

Your Yard

Welcome Your Guests to Your Yard

As guests enter through your gate, they’ll be greeted by a large art installation they have never experienced before. Each piece is finely crafted and built with sturdy and robust materials so it can stand tall and strong against the outdoor elements.

Just Hanging Outside

This cute outdoor chameleon loves enjoying the fresh air and the sound of trees, birds, and bugs all around him. He’s ready to hang out all day and is low maintenance. The best part is he lost his camouflage ability, so you don’t need to worry about losing him. 

Eternal Guardian of Romance

The perfect companion to the other pieces in the Massai Family, by collecting all three, you can achieve harmony knowing that everything you hold dear is safe and sound. Let the morning sun combine the colorful elements of each piece into a beautiful light show. 

A Powerful Yet Gentle Beast

Rhinos have existed for millions of years as the guardians of African plains. This piece is a representation of the natural creature with heavy metal armored plates to protect it with delicate components throughout its body glowing with life. 

Be Inspired by colour matching