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Chameleon Family

Capture the Mysterious Chameleon

Bring the elusive color-shifting chameleon into your home! These sculptures don’t change color like their natural counterpart (which means you won’t have to struggle to find them); however, they are extraordinary abstract representations of the natural chameleon. Delight your guests with these curious works of glass art.

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A Colorful FIZZY Chameleon

What color will this chameleon choose next? Nobody quite knows, but you can pick among a trio of colors options, each just as stunning as the next. The vibrant spots of this creature make it the perfect addition to your sunroom.

Colorful Phibicus

This creature has crawled from his home in the jungle into the vines of your home. This colorful vase captures the light perfectly, emitting a fluorescent green hue. Enjoy him as he is, or let him hold your favorite plants. His long tongue also makes him the perfect fly exterminator.

Giant Chame:Lion

Does He change a skin?

==> Transformation ==>

"This gonna be My New Skin" - from 2018 our Giant Chameleon will have skin transformation as most of chameleons change a skin, so... we made decision to give him luxury touch with coated new skin. 

* new price will be presented soon

Brand New Giant

"My tongue and tail will be same same the same as my whole body" - Yes, this is full transformation. New skin will be more durable and consistance for any weather conditions, the same time you can keep him at home.

Behind the Stage


How many green bowls on my body? do you know already? If yes, then tell us by chatting with us, perhaps we could find special gift for you if A Giant come to yout possession  :-) 

Be Patient !!!

"Most of my new owners wait for me about two months, some of them from far away even wait 3-4 months, so please be patient, soon I can be Yours" - Yes, waiting time is long just becasue all is hand made in small manufacture.

Days by Days

This side of the body will wait for assembling for another working day. Usually whole Giant Chameleon need about one month to come to Life.

"Straight Eyes"

There are two eyes must be glue to the head, don't forget the chameleon never had straight eyes in one direction. Giant Chameleon can see everything from the front through the left eye and from the back through the right eye.

Ready for new place?

K11 Sky Garden

Just Hanging Outside

This cute outdoor chameleon loves enjoying the fresh air and the sound of trees, birds, and bugs all around him. He’s ready to hang out all day and is low maintenance. The best part is he lost his camouflage ability, so you don’t need to worry about losing him. 

Giant in Shanghai

In 2012 selected Borowski Garden collection flow over to Shanghai, landed successfully on the roof "Sky Garden" at K11. Together with 24 others "Borowski's brothers and sisters" stand proudly in downtown of Shanghai on Huahai Lu. at K11 Art Mall.

Chameleon Big

Good to Have a Big Mouth

Our Chameleon Big Bowl might have a big mouth, but he’s really more the strong silent type. He can dish it out as well as take it. In spite of his apparent lack of ears, he’s a great listener. You’ll always have his undivided attention, even if his eyes are on either side of his face!

Be Enlightenment!

If you don't display me on your window then I need to have my own light be looks beauty especial at evening. 

If you wish to have additional LED platform please consider Premium platform J

Chameleon Small

Good to Have a Big Brother

Like his big brother, our Chameleon Small Bowl is a charmer, a real dish. He could quite possibly bowl you over with his good looks. In spite of his handsome appearance, he’s never full of himself. He'll leave that to you.


The Third Brother

In the novel The Chameleon written by the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, the officer is capable of easily adjusting himself to different cases, just likes chameleon can change the color of its body to fit in environment to save themselves from the danger. In a different perspective, people need to adapt themselves to the changing circumstance as a self-protection in this complicated social background. On the contrary, this Chameo displays a more pure and innocent look. 


Limited Edition

49 pcs only

The Animalia Collection

The Animalia collection includes 5 wild vases created, numbered and signed by Stani Jan Borowski. Each of these exquisite pieces is composed of multilayered clear and coloured glass, using highly sophisticated techniques of both hot and cold glass processing. 

The body of the vase is mouth blown and modeled while in a hot state. In the next phase, several fine applications are attached to the glowing item as it obtains its final form. The vase must then cool for hours before it can undergo several rounds of polishing, then frosting. Finally, to complete the object, it is decorated with 24 carat gold.

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