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Natural Peace

The goat has been known for centuries to provide people with fleece for warmth and peaceful comfort that no other animal can exhibit. Those born in the Year of the Goat lead peaceful lives uncharacterized by missteps of the past. Keep a calm reminder of this elegance with our goat family of sculptures.

Peace... I'm!

Limited 888 pcs

Goat Family

Creation process

Hot Process

With an idea in mind, Stani sketches out different variations. From his sketches, he chooses the one that best represents the concept.

The horns are the most distinct element. Stani twists molten glass along the base to form the unique spines.

Sketches are the basis, but each piece is unique. The artist uses high-level technique and experience to bring each piece to life.

While the fire helps make the shape, the risk of burning the pigment is always there. Handling the torch takes skill and precision.

With careful attention to detail, the head takes shape. Stani checks to make sure it matches his vision for the piece.

The head goes into the fire for final shaping. Once it is pulled out, it is ready for the next stage.

Making a Head

All available colours

How we make it