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The Symbol of Prosperity

Bless your home with prosperity and good luck for years with our adorable dog sculptures! The dog is known in Chinese tradition as the obedient friend to everyone that brings joy and good luck to everyone. Celebrate your own unique loyalty to those you love with this stunning piece.

Woof! Woof!

Creation process

Buddy Dog

We faced the challenge of creating an Asian-inspired dog. These dogs are different than Western species, so we needed to create a unique design.

Our master artist got to work sketching the idea. We started with the face and built a body around it.

Yes, let's do this way

Starting from body

We created a unique color pallet for this collection. We wanted everything to be perfect so the colors would shine just right.

We start by forming the body. It’s a solid piece, which makes the entire dog more stable and durable.

It takes more than one artist to make this piece. Each person plays an integral role in bringing the dog to life.

Once the body is formed, the tail can be shaped. The artist uses precise tools to stretch and mold the glass.

Nothing fills us with greater joy than a sense of completion. Our artists love what they do, and it shows in their work.

Time to make a head

The head starts with a simple ball of molten glass. We roll it in different pigments for a unique mix of colors.

We want each dog to be as cheerful as your favorite companion. We craft a smile on each one to light up your days.

Size and proportion are crucial. With this balance, we are able to achieve a piece that sits well and looks correct.

We live to create. Creativity is the lifeblood of the Borowski studio, and each artist puts their heart and soul into every piece.

Every dog needs adorable ears to complete its appearance. We fuse colorful pigments onto the head to shape the ears.

We never send out anything that is less than perfect. We sweat the details and examine each piece carefully to ensure perfection.

After each element is shaped, we rest the pieces in a particular furnace. This releases any tension in the glass and strengthens it.

After we've shaped and annealed the pieces, it's time for the cold process. This is where we cut, glue, assemble, and polish the piece.

Angles are everything, and if our cuts aren't perfect, assembly will be incorrect. We use precise tools to cut the pieces carefully.

After polishing the head and body, we begin to fit them. If all went well in previous stages, the look is seamless.

After gluing, we must carefully clean the piece by hand. This ensures all excess glue is removed and your piece is perfect.

Nothing leaves the studio without a quality check. We carefully examine every element with a strict standard for quality.

Glass is incredibly fragile. When shipping anywhere, whether overseas or across the street, we fully protect the piece, so it arrives in one piece.

The sculpture is complete! Now he's patiently waiting to find his new home and companion. Maybe you’ll be his new owner?

Available in:

Blue, Creme, Red

In Ambience

Gazing Up and Waiting for a Treat

This cute little buddy stares up at guests with loyal eyes just waiting to be pet. Although he has nowhere to go, Buddy is perfectly content on simply sitting by your side. He doesn't do many tricks, but he's a trusted companion and doesn't bark too much.  

New creation 2018

A Pup That Means Business

This isn't your ordinary cute puppy. Barney prefers the formalities of everyday life, which is why he always dons a striped tie. Don't worry; he doesn't take life too seriously and enjoys having fun on occasion. Help him cut loose and show him a good time!


Limited Edition

49 pcs only

The Animalia Collection

The Animalia collection includes 5 wild vases created, numbered and signed by Stani Jan Borowski. Each of these exquisite pieces is composed of multilayered clear and coloured glass, using highly sophisticated techniques of both hot and cold glass processing. 

The body of the vase is mouth blown and modeled while in a hot state. In the next phase, several fine applications are attached to the glowing item as it obtains its final form. The vase must then cool for hours before it can undergo several rounds of polishing, then frosting. Finally, to complete the object, it is decorated with 24 carat gold.