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Chinese Zodiac

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With every New Year brings a new Chinese Zodiac! Also known as Sheng Xiao, meaning “birth likeness” the Chinese Zodiac is a twelve-year cycle that brings a new animal with different characteristics every year. Explore our offerings and find the perfect piece to celebrate your personal zodiac!


Bringing Wealth and Good Fortune

The pig is one of the most highly-respected animals of all Chinese zodiacs. It’s been known for bringing wealth and fortune to people for centuries. Those born in the Year of the Pig are known for their pleasant demeanor and will get along with everyone they meet.

Pick me !!!

The creation process starts with a small blob of hot glass. We heat the glass with a torch and begin to shape it.

After the body is made, we melt material onto the glass. Every element of the face is fused onto the glass for incredible detail.


The Symbol of Virtuous Confidence

The bull is one of the most underestimated zodiacs. Known for being tardy on occasion, the bull is a cautious and diligent symbol in Chinese tradition and is respected for its honesty and work ethic. Celebrate the Year of the Bull with these finely-crafted pieces.

The Love One

The head goes into the fire for final shaping. Once it is pulled out, it is ready for the next stage.

Billy is complete! Each one is unique, and the process from idea to creation takes skill, precision, and a trained eye.


The First to Wake

The rooster has been awakening people for centuries. The rooster keeps everyone punctual and motivates them for the day ahead. The rooster is a symbol of independence with combined dependability and capability to do anything it sets its mind to. Celebrate your own independence with these hand-crafted sculptures.

I'm Yours!

Three is a lucky number. The artist includes this number by splitting the tail into three different parts.

More elements are added to complete the piece. Most notably, the wattle is added to make this bird look extra regal.


Natural Peace

The goat has been known for centuries to provide people with fleece for warmth and peaceful comfort that no other animal can exhibit. Those born in the Year of the Goat lead peaceful lives uncharacterized by missteps of the past. Keep a calm reminder of this elegance with our goat family of sculptures.

Peace... I'm!

With careful attention to detail, the head takes shape. Stani checks to make sure it matches his vision for the piece.

Sketches are the basis, but each piece is unique. The artist uses high-level technique and experience to bring each piece to life.


The Cuddly Side of This Clever Animal

The monkey is known as the cleverest animal in Chinese culture and exhibits cheerful playfulness in everything it does. People born in the Year of the Monkey are known for their intelligence and quick whited ability to make light of any situation. Celebrate your natural cheerfulness with our family of monkey sculptures. 

The One

The artist begins pulling and shaping the arms. With precise tools, he can make the glass bend any way he wants.

The face is now complete! The next stop is a 30-hour stay in the oven to strengthen the piece for a lifetime of play.


The Symbol of Independent Ambition

Galloping upon the ancient plains, the horse is the ultimate symbol of unbridled ambition and energy. Those born in the Year of the Horse are known for their ambitious spirit that can’t be held back. Follow your own path and celebrate with this adorable horse sculpture.

Whinny !!!

Using a torch, the artist begins work on the head. The fire is used to shape and mold the iconic face of the horse.

No horse is complete without its mane. The artist adds new material to form the mane and cuts and stretches it into shape.


The Legendary Symbol of Confidence

The tiger is a mighty animal respected across all cultures for its astounding elegance and its natural royalty. Many people in ancient times often compared tigers to the powerful lords and emperors of the time, and through the generations, the tiger stands as the king of the big cats. 


Our master artist got to work sketching the idea. We started with the face and built a body around it.

Every tiger needs adorable ears to complete its appearance. We fuse colorful pigments onto the head to shape the ears.


The Sign of Spirit and Vitality

In Western culture, the rat is seen as sneaky however in Chinese culture it is regarded as being witty and full of vitality. It is the first on the Chinese calendar and a highly sacred symbol. Bring the spirit of vitality into your home and celebrate your birth sign with this finely-crafted piece!

Say cheese!

The artist uses gravity to help create the distinct shape. The animal begins to take form at this stage.

Into the fire the body goes. The extreme temperatures of the hot process help the artist form and shape the body correctly.


Celebrate the Elegance of the Rabbit

The rabbit is known for its tame and meek nature, representing hope in Chinese tradition. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are known for their elegance and peaceful personalities. Celebrate your birth year with this cute and adorable abstract representation of the legendary rabbit!

Me Elegance!

While still flaming hot, the artist shapes the head. Each piece must fit within specific dimensions.

The artist continues to hand shape each piece. To create a cohesive work of art from glass, each part must be in harmony.


The Ancient Symbol of Power and Royalty

The dragon is especially highly-regarded as the symbol of royalty and divinity. It is known for carrying immense power and bringing honor to those born in the year of the dragon. If you or a loved one were born in the Year of the Dragon, celebrate your natural divinity with this piece!


The artist bends the dragon’s body. With careful precision, the body twists and turns at the artist’s will revealing its final shape.

The artist continues to fuse different colors together. The dragon’s body is beautifully-colored because of this process.


The Symbol of Mysterious Charm

Though seen as an evil presence in some cultures, the snake is highly respected in Chinese culture as a quick and decisive animal. People born in the Year of the Snake are quick to adapt to changing environments and can make split-second decisions with ease. Celebrate your adaptiveness with this piece.

Ssss... It's Me!

With a careful eye for the details, the artist makes final adjustments. The face is almost ready for the other components!

Spitty develops his form in the fire. With extreme temperatures, the glass bends and moves like clay.


The Symbol of Prosperity

Bless your home with prosperity and good luck for years with our adorable dog sculptures! The dog is known in Chinese tradition as the obedient friend to everyone that brings joy and good luck to everyone. Celebrate your own unique loyalty to those you love with this stunning piece.

Woof! Woof!

It takes more than one artist to make this piece. Each person plays an integral role in bringing the dog to life.

Every dog needs adorable ears to complete its appearance. We fuse colorful pigments onto the head to shape the ears.

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