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Made with Love, Passion and Perfection

Glass has always held a very special fascination for people. No other material plays with light, colour and form to such an extent, or appears to forge such a natural connection with its environment. Even its production seems to be almost magical – from sandy raw materials to crystal clear beauty.

So it is no wonder that glass has been a constant inspiration to artists to create fascinating works of art. This means that the contemporary Studio Glass Movement is a young and exciting art form that has been in continual development and of increasing importance since the 1960s.

Our family has contributed significantly to its development. In the 1970s my father had already gained international respect and recognition with his engravings and sculptures. Numerous masterpieces created by my father and my brothers, Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski, are now exhibited in renowned international galleries, museums and private collections. Borowski glass manufacture ranks among the most acclaimed artistic glass studios in the world.

But what exactly is it about these objects that international buyers and collectors value so much? Firstly there is the completely emotional aspect: an often quite spontaneous excitement at the wealth of ideas, the explosion of colours, this zest for life that these works embody. Every single one of them – be it a masterpiece, one of a collection or edition – is a quite special, unmistakable, life-affirming art concept, unique to Borowski, and is hard to match.

It is therefore all the more fascinating that each and every one of these light, bright and colourful unique pieces has undergone such a complex production process. An old and demanding skill that only very few manufacturers today possess. Indeed, I believe that is exactly the attraction for collectors and art-lovers – this special quality: the unique mixture of craft skills and joie de vivre!

With our three collections: Art Objects, Studio Line and Outdoor Objects we hope to incorporate these elements into your daily life. These collections embody the same vibrant art concept as the Borowski masterpieces. They admirably fulfil their purpose as vase, fruit bowl or candle-holder, are displayed as much sought-after collectors’ items in all sorts of different locations, stand in gardens or on terraces, draw admiring glances in parks or on balconies, make people smile and linger.

They embody our artists’ wealth of ideas and the craft skills of our glassmakers and glassblowers in equal measure.  Each piece in the collection has been worked with great love and care and meets the highest quality demands.

With Art Objects, Studio Line and Outdoor Objects we can pass on our fascination for glass to you – and what distinguishes the work that our family does.

We wish you great joy and pleasure on your journey through our collections.

Best Regard,

Wiktor Borowski
Owner of Glasstudio Borowski GmbH

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