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The First to Wake

The rooster has been awakening people for centuries. The rooster keeps everyone punctual and motivates them for the day ahead. The rooster is a symbol of independence with combined dependability and capability to do anything it sets its mind to. Celebrate your own independence with these hand-crafted sculptures.

I'm Yours!

Artist approved

Ranko's Big Brother

A Colorful Bird of Life

This beautiful glass rooster is perfect for your breakfast nook or kitchen. Always ensure that you are using your time wisely as this bird will serve as a constant reminder. This rooster comes in a variety of different colors for you to collect.  

All available

Ranko's creation


Hot process

With the main body formed, the neck takes form. The artist carefully stretches the glass to create the proud neck of the rooster.

Three is a lucky number. The artist includes this number by splitting the tail into three different parts.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind. The hard work of the artist means that each rooster has its own variation.

Although starting as sharp shards of glass, the artist melds them together. This creates one smooth, elegant piece.

More elements are added to complete the piece. Most notably, the wattle is added to make this bird look extra regal.

After each element is added, the rooster returns to the fire. In the furnace, the glass is strengthened, and the colors mix perfectly.

Hard work come with fruits!

All available colours

In Ambience

Each glass object need to have proper lighting. Put your Ranko next to the window for better look or select the right LED platform.

If you collected few art pieces maybe Premium LED platform could look better, especial during the evening when light gives excellent feeling with glass.