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Welcome Asia

Welcome to new Borowski website 2018 dedicated to all of Borowski's Fans and all of Contemporary Art Glass Lovers in Asia.

You can find here Borowski's Artists information, Masterworks, and entire available Collections include dedicated customised products for Chinese Market only. Also, there are News, Blogs and B2B Cooperation. Additionally we described whole Production Process. You can find even small details in the creation process for Chinese Zodiac animals.

The same time this is an Official Borowski Asia E-Shop with official purchasing for brand name german products. All of products certified and officially imported from Germany to Hong Kong by Borowski Asia Pacific Ltd. 

Enjoy The Art!
Borowski Asia Team

The Story

Artistic Glass

Manufacture of Artistic Glass

Glass has always held a very special fascination for people. No other material plays with light, colour and form to such an extent, or appears to forge such a natural connection with its environment. Even its production seems to be almost magical – from sandy raw materials to crystal clear beauty. 

So it is no wonder that glass has been a constant inspiration to artists to create fascinating works of art. This means that the contemporary Studio Glass Movement is a young and exciting art form that has been in continual development and of increasing importance since the 1960s. 

Borowski Artists

World Top Glass Artists

Meet the family behind these world-renowned glass art creations! The Borowski family of artists have been producing glass sculptures for decades and have developed their own distinct style unique to the Borowski family name. Stanislaw Borowski started the company and has passed the art down to his three sons to continue the legacy. Read more below.

Stanislaw Borowski

The top artist in the world, his works are mostly collected by celebrities, famous museums and personal collectors. As a famous Polish glass artist, Stanislaw Borowski was born in France in 1944, and founded the Borowski Glass Studio in 1990. 

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Stani Jan Borowski

Stani, the youngest son in this family, was born in 1981 and graduated from Koln Design Academy in Germany. As a newly born artist, he is the most intelligent and potential multi media artist in modern art circle. 

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Pawel Borowski

The glass artist, the eldest son of Stanislaw Borowski, was born in Krosno, Poland in 1969, is one of Borowski Studio owner. He creates unique artworks for Artist Series, meanwhile contributes a lot for Studio Series and Outdoor Sculpture Series.

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Masterworks of Glass Masters

Selected Masterworks from Stanislaw and his two sons collections, most of them collected by private collectors or displayed in femous top art glass museum. 

Grande Valentino II

Grande Valentino II | 2005
Stanislaw Borowski

size: 65x 46x 16cm
assembly technique, sand blasted,
free shaped elements in glass,
copper-wheel engraved colored glass


Faces | 1991
Stanislaw Borowski

size: 24x 26x 23cm
assembly technique, copper-wheel engraved colored glass

Summoners Tale's XVII

Summoners Tale's XVII | 2015
Stanislaw Jan Borowski

size: 55x25x 65 cm H
assembly technique, sand blasted,
blown glass body and head
free shaped elements in glass,
engraved colored glass
coppered steel and iron parts

Bear with Flower

Bear with Flower | 2013
Stanislaw Jan Borowski

size: 48x37x 52 cm H
assembly technique, sand blasted,
blown glass body and head
free shaped elements in glass,
engraved colored glass
coppered steel, wood and iron parts

The Boat Fish

The Boat Fish | 2009
Pawel Borowski

size: 62x25x 85 cm H
assembly technique, sand blasted,
free shaped elements in glass,
copper-wheel engraved colored glass

The Window to Heaven

The Window to Heaven | 2016
Pawel Borowski

size: 38x 12x 52 cm H
assembly technique, sand blasted,
free shaped elements in glass,
copper-wheel engraved colored glass


With three collections we hope to incorporate these elements into your daily life. These collections embody the same vibrant art concept as the Borowski masterpieces. They admirably fulfil their purpose as vase, fruit bowl or candle-holder, are displayed as much sought-after collectors’ items in all sorts of different locations, stand in gardens or on terraces, draw admiring glances in parks or on balconies, make people smile and linger.

Studio Line

The Studio Line comprises colorful, decorative and functional accessories: bowls, vases, candleholders, paperweights, and light. These objects reflect the inventiveness of the artists and are handmade with great care.

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Outdoor Objects

The Outdoor Objects are imaginative works of art made from glass and metal for outdoors: colorful and weatherproof lights, wind chimes and sculptures which are reminiscent of mythical creatures in fairytales and will give their environment a special charm.

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Art Objects

The Art Objects contains lavishly produced works of art made from glass by Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski. Each object has been personally produced and signed by the artist and carried a certificate by Glass Studio Borowski.

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Handpicked Product Groups

Here you will be able to view all of the hand-selected product groups from Borowski. See the latest pieces for 2018 along with the standouts from 2017. Also, view our selections of Zodiac sculptures, items perfect for gifting, the different Animal Families, and more!

NEW 2018 | 2017

Our artists have an eye for the latest design trends while also staying true to the timeless artistic traditions of glass work. Explore our newest offerings for 2018 guaranteed to impress friends and family but also see the items from 2017 that we really loved.

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Find Your Color

Everyone has their own favorite color that perfectly describes their personality. We create works of art in almost every shade under the rainbow so you are bound to find one that you will absolutely adore. Explore our offerings by color to find your personal favorite.

Amber, Blue, Green, Lime, Olive, Orange, Red, Rose

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Find Your Zodiac

Do you know your zodiac symbol? Celebrate your zodiac with our unique collection of pieces for each of the 12 unique Chinese Zodiac signs. From playful monkeys to fierce dragons, find the piece that perfectly represents your character in life.

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The Perfect Gift Pack

Give your loved ones a gift they won’t soon forget! Make their next birthday one to remember forever with one of our expert-picked Gift Packs! They’ll receive a remarkable glass art piece along with a premium gift box and a hand-signed Borowski-exclusive artist certificate.

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Artistic Lighting

Our carefully hand-crafted artistic lights are exactly what your home needs. Use them as decorative ornaments or fill a room with a shaded light that sets a warm and inviting atmosphere for your next family get together. From understated orbs to playful animals, let colored light absorb your home.

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Fish Family

Let these magnificent deep-sea critters swim about your home! Our artists have assembled a family of fish available in a variety of different colors to match any existing color scheme so your home will be filled with a friendly reminder of the life beneath the ocean surface.

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Frog Family

These cute and adorable pieces are great works of colorful are for your living room tables. Give your home a sense of fun and delight your guests with these cute frog glass sculptures. We offer them in a variety of different colors. Pick your favorite or collect the whole set.

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Birds Family

Our birds family collection features a variety of sculptures based on different species of the birds that soar through the skies. Available in different colors and shapes, find the perfect sculpture to bring home or decorate your home with the whole collection.

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Chameleon Family

Bring the elusive color-shifting chameleon into your home! These sculptures don’t change color like their natural counterpart (which means you won’t have to struggle to find them); however, they are extraordinary abstract representations of the natural chameleon. Delight your guests with these curious works of glass art.

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Our accessories section is filled with hand-picked items that complement your new Borowski glass sculpture perfectly. From dedicated lighting accessories, special LED stands to make your new glass sculpture shine brightly, to books and catalogs, everything you need is right here in one place!

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Discounted products from older collections or end of series by individual items which available in this moment only.

P.S. Please notice usually available only one piece per product (double check with us if still available for sales).

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Inspired for New Modern Lifestyle

[ need to describe whole inspiration category, visitors need understand what they can do with Borowski product, below can find function or the of displaying way of product ; need give more ideas for better understanding for Chinese customers; most of customers not familiar with Borowski products] 

Being a Practical

All of products safe and practical for using with fruits, candy, snack or other daily use stuff, even can use for business card or lucky draw. 

Function is Priority

Wide selection of lighting products e.g. table lamps, balcony lamps, garden lamp.

In Kids Life

Make a great present to "Your Child", The best lamp in Kids Room. 

Home full of Life

Make Your Home "To Be A Life" bring more happiness with quirky and lovely Borowski's Animals, full of Love and Happiness.

The Real Art

For Art Collectors can find "one-of-the-kind" pieces of art, collectable with high value as the investment for future.

In Your Lovely Garden


In the Flower Can

You can keep your art pieces on your balcony in the floower can among artificial grass or even real one if you have that one. 

Next to Your Pool


Installation on the Yard

If you own beautiful house right next to your gate can stand art installation with illuminated colourful objects.

Glass Studio

Made with Love, Passion and Perfection

[ lets make short description for workshop category, included production process ; here is the info about future feture of academy where each customer can study production process and all of complicated technique for production at Borowski's Studio ]


Most of time Borowski Artists don't do any drawings, most of creation come to life in front of furnace, sometime customers require to sketch idea on paper first then make a production. 

Raw Materials

Hight Quality raw material, the best source in Europe purchase, all of entire Borowski products keep High-End Quality with safety as priority. 


Next to furnace at production table sometime Artists make a sketch to be sure that few peaople at the team know very how to make the object.

Hot Process

The biggest mistery happened in the Hot Process. Beautiful creation from raw material to grace shapes with elegant curvers and structures.

Hand Free | Shaping

Shaping from free hand is the most complicated, require very skill-full team with long experience. Each pieces perfectly shaped as prototype designed. Each pieces always looks very similar  as prototype but the same time "always different".

Hand Free | Cut


Hand Free | Modeling

Each object created in hot process require work at the team of two or three people. 

Cut by Diament

Cut a glass must be a carefully well done, cut in right angle to be sure it will fit with other elements.

Fit Elements

Each part must fit to each others, the angle of cut surface must be proper to fit in proper position to be assembled with right outlook.


All the object are safe and friendly for touching. All of parts with soft elements shapes with purpose to protect Customer from harm. 


Drilling is often a process for each product in Borowski Collections, drilling a holes, cut out part of elements to approach expected shape for assembling.

Elements to Be Assemble

When each element is ready then time to make assembling coming soon. Elements connect by UV glue with 'Hight Strength', extremely durable for any kind of weather conditions.

Assemble a Metal Parts

Mainly Garden Objects and some other Studio Line products assembled with metal parts, coated or with rusted finishing.

Ready to Fly Globally

When each object came through dozens of Borowski production procedures, at the end will be pack in to Instapack   boxes and shipped overseas to more then 30 countries globally.