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Celebrate the Elegance of the Rabbit

The rabbit is known for its tame and meek nature, representing hope in Chinese tradition. People born in the "Year of the Rabbit" are known for their elegance and peaceful personalities. Celebrate your birth year with this cute and adorable abstract representation of the legendary rabbit!

Me Elegance!

Seriously Adorable

This bunny is ready to hop into your home in its own goofy and playful way. His big buck teeth and floppy ears enhance his cuddly and silly personality. And don’t worry; he won’t be hopping away anytime soon!

Creation process

Adorable Bunny

While still flaming hot, the artist shapes the head. Each piece must fit within specific dimensions.

The artist melts other materials directly onto the part of face. Once fused together, the two parts will form a complete face.

Other elements are added to the head. With careful precision, the artist bends and shapes the glass to his will.

The ears of the rabbit are hand shaped, making each one unique. As if flowing in the wind, the ears are the standout feature.

The artist continues to hand shape each piece. To create a cohesive work of art from glass, each part must be in harmony.

During final assembly, the artist carefully checks each part. Using high-strength glue, it all comes together in the end.

All available colours

New 2018

by special orders only

Blowing in the Breeze

This tubby bunny is caught in motion with its ears blowing in the wind. He hops from place to place looking for the next snack. He’s full of life and is glowing with emotions. Let him hop into your life and enjoy the luck he brings.

TUBBY Rabbit

Tubby Lamp can be displayed both in the garden or balcony, has a resistance for different weather conditions, and in interior home or office as well.  

New creation 2018

The Fast and the Furrious

This hopping furry friend is about business first; fun later. His cute little bow tie accents his lifestyle perfectly. Let him hop into your life and bring you some organizational peace. The coral and white hues of his fur capture the light perfectly.