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The Symbol of Mysterious Charm

Though seen as an evil presence in some cultures, the snake is highly respected in Chinese culture as a quick and decisive animal. People born in the Year of the Snake are quick to adapt to changing environments and can make split-second decisions with ease. Celebrate your adaptiveness with this piece.

Ssss... It's Me!

Creation process

Spitty Snake

A simple piece of chalk slithers along the work surface. Every detail of the snake must be pre-planned.

The artist twists molten glass onto the base material. These colors will wrap and blend together to make Spitty's unique stripes.

Team work

Fire & Forces

Spitty develops his form in the fire. With extreme temperatures, the glass bends and moves like clay.

Spitty coils much like a real snake. Using a shaper, the artist twists the form even further.

Cobra shape

The artist harnesses gravity to form the hood. The distinct cobra shape begins to come to life.

With a crimping tool, the artist adds texture. This simulates the scales of the snake and gives it a more detailed look.

With a careful eye for the details, the artist makes final adjustments. The face is almost ready for the other components!

With the fangs attached, Spitty looks as fearsome as ever. Don't worry – he won't bite, the teeth are just for show.

Spitty Assembly

After each individual component is shaped, polished and drilled, the assembly team assembles the glass parts. We utilize specialized UV glues that are extremely durable and can hold up to various weather conditions. Once the piece passes through this stage, it is almost ready to be shipped!

Ready for You