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NEW 2021

Inspiration for 2021


Thanks to a hollow inside, the versatile insect can be used as a lantern and candlestick as well as a bowl. Whether on your garden table, on your sideboard or between plants on the windowsill: The quiet flickering of the candle light inside enchanting on a mild summer evening makes the cute lanterns look even more lively.


With a body length of up to 17 centimetres, it is the longest beetle in the world. Just as impressive as its living model is the hand-blown hollow body of this art object, with a diameter of approx. 30 cm it demands top performance from our glassmakers. Despite the respectful horn, the bizarre beetle appears friendly, imaginative, and like from another planet.


Chinese Zodiac


An Adorable Farm Animal

Bring the cutest animal on the farm home with you. Known for its intelligence and playful attitude, this Oinky is decorated with colorful spots that look even better on sunny days. The best part? You won’t have to worry about him tracking in any mud.

Set Your Spirits Free!

If you never had a pony when you were a kid, here’s your chance. Our Lucky pony is perfect for every youngster, no matter how old. Lucky is available in a variety of colors. Corral them all and set your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) free. Time to get Lucky, yee haw!

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Gift Pack

Inspiration for Gift

Always Rise at the Break of Day

Do you have trouble waking up on time? The rooster has long been regarded for its punctuality and diligence. If you have a hard time sticking to your schedule, this rooster is sure to motivate you to awaken every morning to conquer the day. 

Athena's Ancient Pet

In Greek mythology, Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, kept an owl as a pet because of its power of foretell. Therefore, owls are the symbol of Athena and wisdom. This Mini Owl vase fully presents the uniqueness of owl from the aspects of expression and color match, suitable to be a heirloom treasure.



Artistic Lamps

The Noble Frog King

What distinguishes the Frog King from the Frog Prince is that Frog King is a grow-up with a perfect round body shape instead of oval. His leg stands firmly on ground rather than sparkly jumping up. Frog King’s tongue is in a blooming lotus look. However, its gorgeous color and noble glamour remain appealing.

Hoo’s There?

Can you hear this owl calling in the night? He’s here to shine a light and share his words of wisdom after centuries spent watching from the trees. He’s a character full of mystery. If you ask the right questions, you’ll get the answers you seek. 


Frog Family

Inspired by Frog

A Frog with a Jump on the Party

With his rivet-rivet-riveting eyes and gargantuan grin, this hilarious guy is positively brimming with hoppiness! Our fantastic fun-loving frog will be the center of attention and the life of your party. Get a jump on entertaining with our hoppy Hopper Bowl.

Listen to this Frog's Music

The happy concerto of frogs is all round a summer pond to light up your mood. This Froggy light object stays quietly at outdoor, waiting for your arrival and a long-cherished encounter. Its gorgeous color, concise line and glowing tongue express the joyfulness of the coming meeting.

Chameleons Family

Inspired by Chameleon

A Strong Silent Chameleon.

Our Chameleon Big Bowl might have a big mouth, but he’s really more the strong silent type. He can dish it out as well as take it. In spite of his apparent lack of ears, he’s a great listener. You’ll always have his undivided attention, even if his eyes are on either side of his face!

Just Hanging Outside

This cute outdoor chameleon loves enjoying the fresh air and the sound of trees, birds, and bugs all around him. He’s ready to hang out all day and is low maintenance. The best part is he lost his camouflage ability, so you don’t need to worry about losing him. 


Birds Family

Inspired by Birds

Light Up Your Life with This Fluffy Bird

Some may call him fat— we think that his feathers are just a little fluffy. The built-in lamp lets you truly experience the wonderful stripes and colors of this bird's coat. He doesn't squawk much, and he surely won't fly away, perfectly happy wherever he rests.

Tawny After a Big Meal

After a successful night of hunting, this owl is now a little plus sized. That's okay because he's even more adorable with a full belly. You can tell that he had a good meal because of the way his belly is glowing with light. 


Fish Family

Inspired by Fish

Can You Keep Up with This Zippy Fish?

With those wonderfully wavy stripes mimicking the motion of the ocean, our Small Snippy is really quite zippy! Now, that’s some trick for a little fish whose job it is to just sit there. Like his Tall Snippy brother, our Snippy Small Paperweight is available in a variety of colors.

Complete the Fish Family

Surround yourself with this fine finny family of graceful fish. Available in small, medium and queen size, our Angel Fish is an eye-catching accent for any room. Mix and match to your heart’s content and match the colors to fit your interior design aesthetic.