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Our carefully hand-crafted artistic lights are exactly what your home needs. Use them as decorative ornaments or fill a room with a shaded light that sets a warm and inviting atmosphere for your next family get together. From understated orbs to playful animals, let colored light absorb your home.

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Lamps from Nature

The Retro Bird of Paradise

Iggy knows just how to brighten up a room with her vibrant personality. Each of her feathers are bursting with her fun character. She has a trendy retro adds the charm of minimalist clarity, yet the flare of a cheeky modern work of art.

A Symbol of Ancient Wisdom

The owl has long been seen as a powerful creature full of immense wisdom and mystery. The symbol of the owl has been used across cultures to represent the same thing. Capture the elegance of this mysterious bird with this handcrafted piece.

A Quiet Light

Although his natural counterpart can get loud, this toucan is a bit of a quiet one. Although he doesn’t squawk, he is full of life to light up your life. He has two different coats of feathers, changing color with the season.

A Cuddly Kitten Lamp

Feel the charm from this adorable glowing cat lamp! It has a calming effect on anyone who sees the glow. It is a favorite for kid’s rooms, or spaces where you want to stimulate growth and exploration yet keep a comforting and relaxing vibe.

Hanging on to Good Times

Everyone loves an adorable sloth, especially when it can bring happiness and light into your everyday life! Lazy Ed loves to hang outside where he can catch the sunlight and shine it so his belly glows like the sun. He brightens up your yard!

An Eye-catching Flamboyant Friend

Spruce up your garden with this beautiful creature. Pheasants have endlessly expressive natures and can create an enchanting look in your yard that transforms the entire feel of your outside space! Everyone will love the eye-catching view of your yard from their windows.

A Chameleon’s Silly Style

Nothing says personality and wit more than this silly side table lamp. This chameleon has some serious character and style. He is a great conversation piece and enhances any space in a creative, spunky way! He can never go unnoticed and will always be appreciated!

Powerfully Cute

The tiger is an ancient symbol of power, and it wanders through the jungle looking for its next meal. Luckily, this tiger isn't fierce and is actually a great companion to keep by your side. The bigger brother of Little Khan, as a pair, the two are bound to bring good luck to your home.

Already Full, No Need to Feed

This chubby cute glass penguin just had a big meal. He is waddling back and forth and is ready to call your house his new home. Available in two variations, take your pick of either the black and white or Emperor penguin varient. 

Blowing in the Breeze

This tubby bunny is caught in motion with its ears blowing in the wind. He hops from place to place looking for the next snack. He’s full of life and is glowing with emotions. Let him hop into your life and enjoy the luck he brings. 

Light Up Your Life with This Fluffy Bird

Some may call him fat— we think that his feathers are just a little fluffy. The built-in lamp lets you truly experience the wonderful stripes and colors of this bird's coat. He doesn't squawk much, and he surely won't fly away, perfectly happy wherever he rests.

A Chameleon That Won’t Hide

With huge eyes to stare into, this colorful fellow stands tall with a bright exterior that pops against any backdrop. Known for its camouflaging talents out in the wild, this chameleon is easy to spot so you won't have to worry about losing him. 

For the Busy Bee

Bees are busy insects that are key components of the cycle of life. Buzzing from one flower to the next, this busy bee is full of radiant light to light up even the dimmest evenings. Carefully crafted to deliver exceptional quality and eternal happiness.

Slow and Peaceful Light

What makes you glow on the inside? For Slow Bob, enjoying the atmosphere around him lights him up. This colorful piece is the perfect addition to your collection of other colorful animals. Let him sit and fill your home with colorful lights. 

Tawny After a Big Meal

After a successful night of hunting, this owl is now a little plus sized. That's okay because he's even more adorable with a full belly. You can tell that he had a good meal because of the way his belly is glowing with light. 

Hoo’s There?

Can you hear this owl calling in the night? He’s here to shine a light and share his words of wisdom after centuries spent watching from the trees. He’s a character full of mystery. If you ask the right questions, you’ll get the answers you seek. 

A Sophisticated Bird

This sophisticated bird is ready to light up your life with its natural displays of elegance and beauty. Standing tall with perfect balance on its wiry legs, this heron is a true representation of the natural beauty that surrounds your life. 

Glowing with Life

The larger penguin from foreign lands in Madagascar! This penguin wants to see more of the world. He has a few companion friends for you to collect as well available in black and white, or Emperor shades. Whenever he’s happy, he glows with light, illuminating his beautiful black and white fur. 

Your New Friendly Desert Buddy

This hardshelled creature enjoys the warmer climates of exotic deserts but is generally happy wherever he is, especially with great friends to keep him company! When he gets excited, he’s been known to light up with pure joy and elation. 

The Creature from the Lagoon

Fresh from the riverbanks or the swamplands, this crocodile has crawled his way into your home. He won’t bite, in fact, he is particularly friendlier than others, glowing with a warm light that adds extra light during the day or an ambient atmosphere at night. 

The Queen Bee

This queen bee really knows how to rock stripes and polka dots. In spite of her stunning wings, this buzzy lady is positively unflappable. Her steady gaze means she’s ready to get down to buzziness should the need arise. Our Biene Table Lamp is the quintessence of cool.

Hopping from One Branch to Another

You might have friendly grasshoppers around your yard, but this piece is one that you can keep forever in your home without needing to feed it. The glassy emerald legs of this grasshopper look stunning when capturing natural light and this friendly insect hops around.

A Powerful Yet Gentle Beast

Rhinos have existed for millions of years as the guardians of African plains. This piece is a representation of the natural creature with heavy metal armored plates to protect it with delicate components throughout its body glowing with life. 

Fresh from the Farm

This little piggy is tired of the farm life and is ready to call your house his new home. He is literally glowing with an internal light of character and joy. Don't worry about the mud; he'll be sure to wipe off his hooves first.

The Night Flyer

Guided by his internal sonar, this bat has picked your home to roost for the night. He enjoys going out at night to catch insects and is known to bring happiness to all. Cherish his forever and collect all of his companions.

Awaken with His Glow

Roosters are known for their loud crows at the first sign of sunlight. This one is different because he perfectly captures the rising sun and emanates it from his body. This glowing piece will get you ready for the morning without much of the noise. 

Listen to this Frog's Music

The happy concerto of frogs is all round a summer pond to light up your mood. 
This Froggy light object stays quietly at outdoor, waiting for your arrival and a long-cherished encounter. Its gorgeous color, concise line and glowing tongue express the joyfulness of the coming meeting.

A Bright and Shining Docile Creature

Sometimes known to be a little feisty when hungry, this delightful hippo is tamed with its glowing inner light. Its extra wide open mouth is balanced with its expertly shaped round body to create a happy and sometimes comical aesthetic. 

Your New Crabby Friend

Along with his ocean companion, this adorable crab is ready to give you a big warm, glowing hug. This light object is perfect for setting the mood at your next get together. Once he’s lit with joy, you can enjoy the crystal shades emanating from his shell. 

The Noble Frog King

What distinguishes the Frog King from the Frog Prince is that Frog King is a grow-up with a perfect round body shape instead of oval. His leg stands firmly on ground rather than sparkly jumping up. Frog King’s tongue is in a blooming lotus look. However, its gorgeous color and noble glamour remain appealing.

A Light and Elegant Bird

Big gonzo belongs to the toucan's breed. They have extremely similar appearance, yet, big gonzo bird is a bit slimmer. In the light, its colorful body reflects an eye-catching beauty and its vertical poise states its generosity and balance.

Full of the Ocean's Light

This gorgeous crab found his way from the beach to your home! Although it looks like he's trying to pinch something, he's really just looking for a hug. Light him up to experience the gorgeous coral hue of his shell in all of its glory.

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