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Chinese Name

  • 灵龟望月灯

ARNOLD - Light object

ARNOLD - Light object


Size (WLH)

  • 50x43x 40cm H

Chinese Name

  • 灵龟望月灯

Introducing The Newest Addition To Your Garden Decoration - The Big Turtle Garden Lighting!

Ever dreamed of stumbling upon a fascinating, vibrant turtle friend in your garden adding a touch of mystery and surprise? Say no more! Meet our incredible, one-of-a-kind, giant turtle who lights up your life, literally!

This not-so-shy creature boasts a magical ability to withstand the harsh frosty winters, casting a warm hue on its surroundings with its alluring glow. Majestically crafted with an armor of powder-coated steel legs, our buddy is well equipped to combat rust and scratches.

But wait, there's more! Watch your guests be captivated by the intricate and stunning criss-cross pattern, available in blue, yellow, and lemon combos that embellish this extraordinary turtle's shell. Why settle for an ordinary turtle when you can have a luminescent, kaleidoscopic ninja defending your garden's values? Make a statement, and adopt this rare specimen today!


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Words from Artists

Original Craftsmanship

All the artworks are designed and produced by Borowski artists. Just like each of us, every piece of Borowski’s art is unique and beautiful in its own way. Crafted with fired glass, each piece is a unique blend of bright colors and conveys an enthusiasm for life. Each work of art is exclusive and has its own birth certificate.

Interesting Shapes

Most of the artworks are based on animals and are presented in exaggerated ways, with the purpose of making people feel relaxed, cheerful, funny, and humorous.

Same Product in Slightly Different Shape

All of the artworks are 100% handmade and each art piece is unique and different from the others, so the sizes of each same product will be slightly different. All the product images and dimensions are for reference only. We do products which always look different. We do our best to keep certain sizes and shapes but you have to believe us every time each piece is different. Our sales guy Poul from Dusseldorf Gallery always say to Customer:
"If you love this piece and you like exactly this expression on the face of object please do not hesitate, take right the way because next one will be different for sure and nobody knows if you like it or not".
If you wish us to send you a picture of the available object you please do not hesitate to talk to us by webpage chat.

Hand-Made Product Notice

Each art piece is pure Handmade, in the process of making contact with air and will inevitably produce some bubbles, or during modeling process cost slightly mark on the product, all of these are a normal effect, these do not belong to the scope of work as handmade production products, also, all of these are the prove of handmade procedural. If you do mind, please buying with awareness.